Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Historians have found evidence that the original temple was built in 1248 in Kurukkal Valavu in Nallur at the same location of the present temple. Nallur was then the capital of the Jaffna Kingdom. But in 1450, Parakramabahu the 6th of the Kotte Kingdom, in response to the Arya Chakkaravarthi of Jaffna's to extend his rule to the South, sent his son Sapumal Kumara to bring the Jaffna Kingdom down to his rule. Sapumal Kumara defeated King Arya Chakkaravarthi, destroyed his palace and the original Nallur temple. But upon becoming Buvaneka Bahu the 6th , he sought to make amends by building a new temple in 1467 at a nearby location, says Shanmugapriya in Nallur Kanthaswamy: A Spiritual Experience.

And centuries later the Portuguese, after fighting witht the kings of the Jaffna Kingdom for more than hundred years, with the death of King Sangilian, captured it in 1620. The Portuguese General Phillip Oliviera used the Nallur temple as a fort.

During Dutch rule, the new temple was built in the same place in Kurukkal Valavu,as the original place.The main shrine has deity Vel, but later a statue of Lord Murugan was installed.

Further the Nallur festival of old days took place in the nights,with the procession carrying the deity preceded by women clad in shimmering outfits dancing to the beat of gigantic drums. The streets of Nallur were illuminated with flame of torches and lamps.

Hindu priests in White attire for the evening event on Theerththam.

Camphor seller

Young camphor seller

Young camphor seller in Nallur

Camphor seller in Nallur

Peanut Stall

Peanut - Kachchan stall

Peanut stall


Thannner penthal - "Lemmonade stand", quenching thirst.

Thumpu mutaaz..Cotton candy

How much are you willing pay....?

Getting ready for the sales...

Bargaining timw...palmyrah houseware

Palmyrah and other household products

Palmyrah products stored for sale

Household products made with palmyrah leaves

Panam porul - Palmyrah products

Thumpu Mutaaz...Cotton candy

Toy and fancy goods stall

Fancy goods stall

Philippine female national covers herself with an umbrella in Nallur.

Philippine national, who sells wrist watches and mobile phones.

Toy stall

Anna Coffee Bar

Bangles stall

Utensils stall

Shopping Spree



Playing udukku in a bhajan . Udukku is belived to be a spiritual instrument in Hindu tradition.


Tiny Tots on Kizhakku veethi

Tiny tots on Kizhakku veethi

Devotess on Kizhakku Veethi



Tot devotees



Kidz.....reminding our childhood dayzz...

Coconut offering

Coconut breaking

Coconut breaking

Devotees at dusk

Devotees at dusk

Ice cream bar

Shopping time

Baloons anyone...